Not a long time ago, I wrote a post about a norse religion named Ásatrú. I’ve been following that religion from 7 or 8 months and I’ve been reading a lot about it. Today I read this on Facebook from The Asatru Folk Assembly page.

Our European ancestors literally fought a thousand years to keep their native Gods and Goddesses, in face of a relentless Christian onslaught. Constantine, Roman emperor early in the fourth century, recognized the new religion and began tearing down pagan temples. More than seven hundred years later, the temple at Uppsala fell. Christianizing the nations around the Baltic took several centuries longer; Lithuania, the last country in Europe to receive Christ, officially accepted Catholicism in 1386. One region held out until 1410.

A thousand years of struggle…We must be worthy of that sacrifice! We must do everything in our power to ensure that the old ways survive and thrive. And more than that – we must not rest until all the native ways of our peoples are restored, respected, and legitimized. Every man and woman of European heritage must be made aware that their ancestral faiths are accessible again, regardless of whether or not they personally choose to return to those creeds which comforted and inspired their forefathers and foremothers. The power and wisdom of the old Gods and Goddesses must again be felt in the land.

Asatru can take the lead in this spiritual resurgence!

So, I am really interested in all of this, I mean all related to norse mythology and our ancestors and I will post everything I know in this blog to share my knowledge. Unafortunately, I’ll post in spanish.. sorry.

Good evening..

Written by: Paola Paz

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